Fink client

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fink client is a light package to manipulate catalogs and alerts issued from the fink broker programmatically. It is intended primarily to be installed on laptops, for daily analyses.


Fink's distribution stream

Fink distributes alerts via Apache Kafka topics based on one or several of the alert properties (label, classification, flux, ...). Topics are created via user-defined filters (see available topics). You can connect to existing streams, and if you would like to create a new stream, follow the tutorial or raise a new issue in fink-filters describing the alert properties and thresholds of interest.

You can connect to one or more of these topics using fink-client's APIs and receive Fink's stream of alerts. The client can easily be installed using pip:

pip install fink-client

In order to connect and poll alerts from Fink, you need to get your credentials:

  1. Subscribe to one or more Fink streams by filling this form.
  2. After filling the form, we will send your credentials. Register them on your laptop by simply running: fink_client_register -username <USERNAME> -group_id <GROUP_ID> ...


In order to familiarise with the client, we invite users to follow the dedicated tutorial: Note that you need your credentials to play the tutorial.