Source code

All Fink codes are open source and under Apache 2.0 license. They are available at

Fink ecosystem

A non-exhaustive list of external modules and tools extending Fink codebase:

  • fink-fat: Perform alert association night by night in order to build asteroids trajectories.
  • fink-GRB: Correlation of the Fink alerts with gamma ray burst monitors like Fermi or Swift.
  • skyportal-fink-client: tool to injest alerts data from Fink broker into SkyPortal's database, using only fink-client and API calls.
  • tom-fink: Fink Alert Broker Module for the TOM Toolkit.
  • fink_sn_activelearning: Fink early SN Ia module.
  • kndetect: Kilonova detection module for Fink.
  • AstroLabNet: AstroLabNet is a front-end to the archipel of Spark services.
  • FinkBrowser: FinkBrowser is a Web Browser to visualise Fink Server data, based on Lomikel.
  • Grapher: Grapher is a set of general purpose tools for manipulating Graphs in Fink using JGraphT.