Fink tutorials

This series of tutorials will teach you how to use the broker or how to contribute. They are designed for beginners/intermediate users, but do not hesitate to raise an issue if they are not clear enough.

For all the tutorials, you need:

or you can directly use the docker image provided in the repository (see docker use).

Install Apache Spark on your machine

In addition, if you want to deep test your developments in your local machine, you would need to install Apache Spark. No panic, this is (super) straightforward.

Download Apache Spark

Go to their download page, and choose a version 2.4+ (~200MB). Move the archive in a safe place in your computer, and untar it. Make a symbolic link on the resulting folder:

ln -s spark-2.X.X-bin-hadoopX.X spark

Optional: download java 8

Apache Spark needs Java 8. In case you do not have it, install it and link it in your ~/.bash_profile:

# To see different java jdk: /usr/libexec/java_home -V
# and then set the version 8
export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8.0_151`

Link Apache Spark

In your ~/.bash_profile, add the following lines:

export SPARK_HOME=/path/to/spark

export SPARKLIB=$SPARK_HOME/python:$SPARK_HOME/python/lib/

Test Apache Spark

Execute pyspark. If you end up with a python shell decorated with Spark verbosity, you won! Otherwise... feel free to contact us!